What your favorite flower says about your personality

There’s no doubt that the meaning of flowers goes way beyond scent, decor and design. The most popular flowers that are sold in local floral and grocery shops can tell a lot about the human personality and the behaviors associated. You are a direct reflection of the company that you keep. Here are five of America’s best selling flowers and what they may mean about your personality.

Red Roses:

Red roses are absolutely the most romantic flower of all the popular store bought flowers. People who love roses are dreamers and they can be really traditional in relation to personal style. Roses ultimately represent deep, enchanting love, so a bouquet of roses makes the perfect gift to loved ones. In addition, roses are super expensive and luxurious in any marketplace, so these flowers attract individuals who enjoy  the finer things in life.


Lilies are big and full of life and perhaps the most flagrant flower to grace a florist store’s shelf.  And so it’s no surprise that people who love the company that lilies provide with their scent, often have extroverted personalities. Lilies are also widely known as a symbol of birth and motherhood, as well as sexuality and fertility which this concept is widely adopted from greek mythology stories with Zeus.


Orchids or “ Orchidaceae“ are diverse plants that are native to the South American region but can be harvested all over the world; therefore people who enjoy orchids are worldly and like exotic things. Orchids are grow wild on trees, their branches and leaves are thick and shiny. Orchids can be low maintenance to care for, but require a greater attention to detail. That’s why owners of orchids are classy and sophisticated. The watering schedule of this plant is super easy; just throw a few ice cubes in the soil a week, and watch it grow. But have patience during its off season when there’s nothing to show for your hard work, when the flower bud shrivels ups and dies in its own soil and you feel like all work is lost. People who own orchids, have patience to see it slowly grow back to its original state of bliss, with a delicate flower slowly matriculating back to on its leaves. Like magic a beautiful flower reappears! Subsequently, people who love orchids have some vines of mystery within.


Daisies are wild flowers and so people who love them are careful and full of life! Daisies come in all different colors and therefore it’s no limit to the type of person daisies attract. They are appealing to all, especially since they are truly super easy to maintain either soiled in your garden or freshly cut on your table. This is the perfect flower to pick off the petals to “She loves me, she loves me not” type of riddles with your crush!


These plants are often sold during the winter holidays and they notoriously dry out and die before the winter season is even over. But with proper maintenance, this plant will speak volumes about any owner’s personality. Did you know that its iconic bright red colors will eventually transform into a vibrant green during the fall or off season? People who can successfully transform its colors are business-oriented and truly possess a green thumb.

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