DIY: An Elegant Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving is about celebrating family and togetherness, so what better way to connect all your favorite people than a cheerful dinner conversation about your elegant DIY Thanksgiving centerpiece? In this video, Head Florist Hernando Salazar creates fancy floral centerpiece using a statement gold vase and matching tea candle holders.

Flowers in This Arrangement

  • Orange Spray Rose
  • White Hydrangeas
  • Orange Lilies
  • White Sinensis
  • White Alstroemerias
  • Ruscus
Step 1:  Layout Your Materials

This arrangement calls for a medium size holiday vase that sits low to the table, two matching tea candle holders and their associated candles, a pair of pruning scissors, plastic twist ties, and of course a variety of fall flowers and flower food. At this step, strategize how each flower will look in the bouquet next to each other and how the cohesiveness of the centerpiece.

Step 2: Prune The Stems

Go through each stem and remove any unnecessary petals. Notice how some petals are easy to remove, like the orange lilies, and some leaves require a little bit of strength, like the white hydrangeas. Be careful not to break the entire stem when removing leaves from the hydrangeas. These stems are thick and full of moisture, and consequently are easy to break the entire flower off the stem instead of just the leaf. It would be a pity to ruin the flower at this stage. In this video, Head Florist Hernando Salazar removes every leaf from each stem.

Step 3: Start with the White Hydrangeas and Orange Spray Roses

Spiral the white hydrangeas together first to set the tone of the arrangement. These voluminous flowers will take up half your bouquet. Use the spiral technique to incorporate the orange spray roses, which will use up the other half of the bouquet.

Step 4: Add the Orange Lilies and White Alstroemerias

After you have spiraled two flowers types together, the arrangement base should start to resemble fall foliage.  Gather your pile of orange lilies and spiral them around the outer edge of the bouquet closer to the orange spray roses since they are in the same color family. You can also spread them around towards the orange spray roses. Once all lilies are used,  pick up the white alstroemerias and cluster them in with the lilies as well since these flowers hang so delicately and require support.

Step 5: Accessorize with Ruscus and White Sinensis

Add in a few stems of the ruscus and white sinensis in places where the bouquet needs more volume. This may be around the white alstroemerias, where their flower bulbs are so delicate. This floral combination by itself is beautiful, so just incorporate them into the bouquet together.

Step 6: Cut and Place In Festive Vase

When your bouquet is finally arranged to your stylish green thumb’s liking, it’s time to cut the stems down so the bouquet fits perfectly in your festive centerpiece vase. Don’t forget to fasten your bouquet into place with a plastic twist tie that comes with each Enjoy Flowers delivery. Use your pruning scissors to cut 1-2 stems at time. Fill your vase halfway with tap water and mix it with the powder flower food before placing your newly pruned and arranged bouquet in its new home.

Step 7: Arrange Your Centerpiece Story

Whether you can draw inspiration from a cornucopia or pumpkin, be sure to incorporate your favorite holiday items in your table’s centerpiece. In this video, Head Florist Hernando Salazar uses items that are small enough to hold in your hands, like tealight candle holders that are simple and elegant enough to stand on their own, design wise. Pro tip: Add in extra orange lilies to fill out the side of the vase, and enjoy!

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