DIY: How To Get 5 Flower Arrangements From One Bouquet!

At last! Your monthly or bi-weekly floral arrangement just arrived and all you want to do is spread the joy throughout your living spaces. Gather your favorite small vases and decorate the chic corners of your home with one bouquet split and spirals into five small arrangements.

Flowers in this arrangement

  • Ruscus
  • Pink Pompon
  • Alstroemeria
  • Rose
  • Red Pompon
  • Eucalyptus
  • Leucadendron
Step 1: Gather your Materials

This DIY requires five small to medium vases that can accommodate only a few stems at a time. If you don’t have enough vases, use empty candle cups, marmelade jars or cocktail glasses as alternatives to showcase your mini arrangements around your home. As always, lay out your twist ties, flower food and garden scissors before you begin creating your arrangement.

Step 2: Remove the extra petals

Start your arrangement preparations by removing the petals from each stem. Pro tip: Start from the top of the flower bud and slide your grip down to quickly remove the extra petals. Pick of the leaves one by one from the roses to avoid being pricked by any tiny thorns protruding from the stems.

Step 3: Start with the Pink and Red Pompons, Rose, Alstromeria, Leucadendron

For your first full arrangement using all your flower types, spiral two stems of your pink pompoms, then pick up two stems of your red pompons, followed by a white rose, a dangling Alstroemeria and single leucadendron. Grab a plastic twist tie and place it about four inches below the top of the stem. Repeat this step again for the second arrangement by spiraling together the same flower types. Remember these arrangements will be used for medium size vases!

Step 4:  Now spiral your Rose, Pink Pompon and Alstroemerias together

For a softer arrangement, spiral together your white rose, pink pompon and red alstromerias together that will resemble the more dainter side of floral design. This arrangement should be no more than 4 stems. Fasten a plastic twist tie 3-4 inches below the stem and set aside to create the same arrangement again. You should have two of the same arrangement.

Step 5: Prepare your water bases

Set your arrangements to the side to prepare your vases with sustenance. Layout your five vases and carefully pour about a half cup of water into each vase. Cut your packet of flower food open and sprinkle a bit of power into each vase evenly.

Step 6: Cut off the extra stem lengths

Measure how much of length you will need for each vase. In this arrangement, Head Florist Hernando Salazar only savors five inches of each stem, as his beautifully created arrangements will be situated in small vases.

Step 7: The fifth mini-bouquet

The fifth arrangement is the easiest to create. Here Hernando puts one singular rose at the center of a small glass and adds a few of the left over flowers around it for a little texture.

Step 8: Add in extra flowers for volume and Enjoy

Lastly, add in extra stems to the arrangements that may need extra je ne sais quoi. If you have extra flowers leftover, cut one or two stems for a small vase and enjoy!

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