Six Gift Ideas of Gifts That Keep On Giving

‘Tis the season to share your favorite things with your favorite people, and whether you’re a giver or receiver, everyone enjoys a gift that keeps on giving. Thanks to innovative companies whose sole purpose is to simplify life, there is a product out there for just about any personality and any age group. Just like an Enjoy Flowers monthly or bimonthly delivery of fresh-cut flowers or a subscription to a literary magazine, these gifts will never go unused. From greenthumb-inspired stocking stuffers to a last minute poleana gift, here are some super easy and most importantly thoughtful gift ideas.

For The Sous Chefs In Your Life  

A few mini pots of basil and rosemary all wrapped up in a nice little holiday gift bag, along with a spray water bottle would be the perfect gift for the chef in your life. Head to your Home Depot for the soil, the plants and a terracotta ceramic pot with brass plant markers. Your chef will always think of you each time a branch is snapped from their personal herb garden that will be prepared with love.

A Charitable Donation

Making a charitable donation in someone’s honor is definitely a humble gift.  Get longevity in your gift by investing with a pledge to help bring clean water to a local village or raise more awareness for the rainforest. The holidays are all about giving gifts that make your loved ones smile, and many believe giving back is the greatest gift of them all. Many nonprofits always give donors symbolic souvenirs in exchange for their support, like a bracelet or handmade items by the people the donation is directly affecting. This is the gift that keeps on giving because every time that handmade gift from your charitable non profit is worn, it will be a reminder that you are directly improving the lives of others who are less fortunate.

Monogrammed linens

Cozy Pajamas are always a great gift and since personalizing clothing is trending, why not put a chic nametag on it.  Engraving initials is perfect for bath towels or pillowcases, and personalizing team jersey would definitely be a sports fanatic’s favorite thing to wear throughout the year. Book an appointment with a seamstress at your local dry cleaners or head to Things Remembered at the mall. Everyone loves something unique and casually luxurious and this is the gift that keeps on giving when your sheets help promote a good sleep or the thread count on your towel drastically upgrade your bath to spa status.

Speciality Tools

Tools aren’t just for dads anymore, savvy gardeners can appreciate a good pair of snippers, ahem, we mean garden scissors! A swiss army knife or the latest in opening wine bottles which could also fix loose screws is gift that keeps on giving when it comes to maintaining and entertaining at any home.  The person that receives this gift will never have to go searching for another bottle opener at the bottom of a kitchen drawer because they will take pride in their new tools for small home improvements that make a big difference.

A Picture Frame (and photo)

A fancy antique frame or one of those bluetooth frames would be the perfect gift to give your distant loved ones this holiday. And it would be even more perfect filled with fond memories of you and whomever you are gifting. Whether it’s a picture of you for your Grandma or a collage of selfies with your lover, this gift will continuously give (and spread) love and good vibes in your office or each day you pass it in your hallways.

Enjoy Flowers Subscription

An Enjoy Flowers bimonthly or monthly subscription not only radiates green joy for days, it’s also a great way to continuously say I love you.  Any flower enthusiast will love the gift of paradise even if Santa delivers it in a chic new vase with an actual flowers each month to enjoy!

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