DIY: A Contemporary Holiday Dinner Centerpiece

This season’s centerpiece is heavily inspired by simplifying what it means to style a contemporary dinner table.  In this DIY video, Enjoy Flowers Head Florist Hernando Salazar creates a miniature garden of love using a medley of  roses and a few popular red flowers. Color and minimalism will speak volumes during your holiday feast, here are 6 steps to creating this very red bouquet for your holiday centerpiece.



Flowers in this arrangement
  • Red Pompon
  • Red Rose
  • Red Disbuds
  • Eucalyptus
  • Leucadendron
  • Miriscina
  • Green Balls
  • Tinted Sinensis
Step 1: Remove the Leaves & Design

Make sure to remove the leaves from all your flowers so that the stems are the only thing submerged in water. Pro tip for Leucadendron flowers: Remove half the leaves to reveal a customized stem. Keep them grouped together to make sure you are organized. This is a good time to see how your flowers fit together and plan out your unique arrangement.

Step 2: Spiral The Red Roses Together, First

Start with your pile of red roses. Pick up each individual red rose and start to arrange your bouquet with the spiral technique (periodically turning the bouquet in your hand as you add flowers). Pick up one red rose in your writing hand and hold your free hand open (gripping each stem with your fingertips) to receive the red rose your right hand is offering. Grip each stem about a few inches from the flower’s bud.

Step 3: Add Garnish and A Red Flower, Repeat

Once all the red roses are spiraled together, add a few stems of leucadendron and Eucalyptus as garnish to achieve a slight separation from the different kinds of red flowers you will arrange in this bouquet. Then, spiral together all the Red Disbuds and finish off using the green balls this time as garnish. By now, your festive centerpiece should be coming together.

Step 4: Lastly, Arrange the Red Pompoms, Tinted Sinensis and Miriscinas together

Finish off your centerpiece with the remaining red pompons paired perfectly with a few stems of tinted sinensis and Miriscinas. They make a good combination when sized up beside one another. Remember to keep spiraling them all together to create one voluptuous full bouquet.

Step 5: Prepare Your Vase

Hold your arrangement in place with a plastic twist tie so that it’s easier to cut off excess stems. Before submerging your newly arranged bouquet in your sparkly centerpiece vase, fill your sparkly vase with a few cups of tap water. Then cut open your flower powder food and add it to the water as well.

Step 6: Make it Nice and Enjoy

Lastly, submerge your bouquet in water and start to make it nice by setting the table with classic white plates, clean silverware and crystal clear wine glasses. Tip your glasses to those that you love before the meal and enjoy!

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