DIY: Creative Flower Arrangements for Small Vases or Flowers

In this flower arrangement tutorial, Head Florist Salazar Hernando makes decorating any space using a variety of flowers and vases super easy. Prepare to get creative and sprinkle your own personal touch on vacant corners of your home using blush organza inspired arrangements. Go with the flow and create mini centerpieces if you have a few lingering stems from a bouquet you’ve already arranged in your go-to vase.


Flowers in this arrangement
  • Pink Lilies
  • Pink Alstroemerias
  • White Pompoms
  • Pink Roses
  • White Alstroemerias
  • White Roses
  • Kale
  • Eucalyptus
Step 1: Prepare your Vase Mixture

This DIY video is slightly different because there are several vases required to pull off the perfect arrangement. Layout your mini vases and fill them up halfway with water. Then add a few sprinkles of flower food powder to each vase. You will only need a packet of food if you are using the same size vases like in the video.

Step 2: Arrange Your Vases and Start Creating

Match the bigger flower stems and buds with the wider vases. In this video, Head Florist Hernando Salazar pairs a a few stems of the lilies and kale to accentuate the focal points of this arrangement. Pro Tip: Cut the stems before placing them in the vases and use the actual vase height as a guide and ruler to how much stem to snip off.

Step 3: Add the Pink Roses

Add a few stems of bright pink roses to three vases to make the arrangement come alive!

Step 4: Use the White Roses For subtle chicness

Now gather a few stems of white roses and add them to the vases you feel need a little color balance. Remove any extra leaves that may dive into the vase water line.  Remember, this is totally up to your creative vibes, so drop a few stems of white roses to vases you feel are necessary to make your personalized arrangement feel good to your own soul. Think dainty, fun and classy.

Step 5: Add White Alstroemerias, pompoms and Eucalyptus for Garnish

Using your creative flare, add in a new stems of white astromerias and white pompoms on each vase that crave extra filling for the side. Pay attention to detail and zero in on stems drooping to the sides of your vases.

Step 6: Finish off with Eucalyptus and Enjoy

At this stage, your several arrangements should be full of life. Add in a few stems of eucalyptus as garnish and for fun and Enjoy!

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