DIY: The Perfect Fall Centerpiece

Fall is the season that is in between seasons, so why not take advantage of the last of summer florals? Head Florist Hernando Salazar shows how to mix summer and fall blooms in not one, but two fall bouquets, that make the perfect centerpiece for a cozy or grand Autumn dinner.

Flowers in This Arrangement

  • Orange Alstroemeria
  • White Disbud
  • White Hydrangeas
  • Green Balls
  • Bronze Disbud
  • White Campanulas
Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Lay out all your materials before you start so you can avoid ruining your arrangement. Remember, it’s all about placement.  Don’t forget to gather your pruning scissors, flower powder, twist tie and pitcher of water to prep your vases for the flowers.

Step 2: Remove Leaves from flowers for the first vase

Carefully prune the leaves off of all the flowers for the two vases. Peal each leave off of the stems.  These stems are long and thick which means they need a lot of water to stay fresh. Consequently, leaves drink most of the vase water and make it turn green and icky which cuts down your florals shelf life. So don’t skip this step.

Step 3: Start Arranging For The Bigger Vase

A dozen or more flowers are required for this arrangement and in this DIY, there are more Hydrangeas and Orange Alstroemerias. These will be the arrangements focal point.  Start arranging the two hydrangeas using the spiral technique (turn the flowers in your hand periodically as you add flowers to the bouquet), then carefully pick up and arrange about five of the orange Alstroemerias, right beside the Hydrangeas.

Step 4: Add in the Bronze Disbuds, Green Balls and White Campanulas and Disbuds

In this bouquet, the disbuds and green balls are the accent accessories, so you will use the spiral technique by picking up two stems of each flower. Start with the Bronze Disbuds, then alternate the green balls with the White Campanulas and Disbuds. It doesn’t matter the order, just make sure to surround the Hydrangeas and Orange Alstroemerias.

Step 5: Seal and Trim The Large Bouquet

Once you are finished arranging the first bouquet for the larger vase, grab a plastic tie and seal your beautiful creation in place. Trim your stems to the perfect height to complement your vase.  Then, cut your flower food open and drain in the bigger vase along with a few cups of water.

Step 6: Create A Smaller Bouquet With Leftover Stems

At this point, the majority of the florals should have been used with the larger bouquet, so there should be a few stems left for the smaller vase.  Spiral the remaining florals together, hold it together with a plastic tie and cut the stems to make it fit perfectly in the smaller vase.

Step 7: Emerge in Water and Enjoy

Lastly, if you haven’t already – prepare the smaller vase by mixing in the other half of the flower food with a few cups of water. Place your bouquets in their designated vases and enjoy!

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