Wedding Day Gift Ideas for the Bride & Groom

Coming up with the perfect wedding gift for your future spouse can be hard. This is the last gift you give them as your fiancé. There are quite a few different directions you can go in so here we’re sharing a few options

Gift ideas for your bride:


A watch — If she wears a watch daily, this can be a really amazing gift for her. She’ll be reminded of you every time she looks down to see it on her wrist. You can also get the back of the face engraved with your wedding date, initials, or special message.

Necklace or earrings to wear day-of — Buying her jewelry that she’ll wear on your wedding day can be really special. If you want to go down this route, check with someone who knows what she’s wearing so they can help point you in the right direction.

A fragrance — Our sense of smell can immediately trigger memories. Getting her a fragrance for a wedding present will help her relive the day over and over every time she wears that scent.

A jewelry box — Giving her a beautiful place to store jewelry is a great wedding gift option. It is something she’ll keep forever and remind her of you anytime she puts jewelry on.

Art piece with wedding song lyrics — This is a very personal gift that could be hung up in your home forever. You could take one of your favorite photos together and then get the lyrics printed over the photo.

Gift ideas for your groom:


Cufflinks — These are a great option because he can wear them on your wedding day. You can get them engraved with your wedding date or his initials to add a personal touch.

Watch — Watches are popular gifts because they are worn so often. It’s a gift he’ll get a lot of use out of & will always be reminded of you when he wears it.

Decanter Set — If your guy likes to drink whiskey, a decanter set is a great gift for your home. It’s great decor on a bar cart or shelf, but also practical when he’d want to use it.

Personalized Tie Clip — A tie clip can be personalized with a little saying, your wedding date, or a little message. He would be reminded of your wedding day every time he dresses up.

Nice bottle of liquor or cigars — Both of these gifts are a luxurious treat that he likely wouldn’t treat himself to. The bottle of liquor could either be opened with his groomsmen on your wedding day or could be saved for a special occasion to be celebrated together. The cigars would be a great gift that he could enjoy with his groomsmen on your wedding day at the reception.

We hope that this list gave you an idea for something special to surprise your future spouse with on your wedding day!

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