Unique Guest Book Ideas

Your wedding day is a day that will fly by so quickly. Remembering the details are so important. Having a guest book is one way to remember everyone that came to celebrate your day with you. So we’ve put together a few guest book ideas that will not only help commemorate your special day, but will also be more useful in the upcoming years than the typical guestbook that will likely sit on shelf never to be looked at again.

A print of your monogram and have guests sign the print

Your wedding is the first time that your names will be combined together. Take advantage and get a print of your monogram to have your guests sign. Then you can hang it in your home once the wedding is over. When your friends come over, they’ll see their names signed on that piece of art.

Write your favorite memory with the couple and place it into a jar

This is a fun way to take a trip down memory lane with all of your closest friends and family. You can keep the jar in your home, and when you’re feeling down or having a hard time as a couple, you can read a few of those memories to remember the happier times.

If you are a couple that enjoys traveling, get a map or a globe that fits the style of your home. Your guests will sign it either somewhere that they want to go, somewhere they’ve been, or somewhere they think you should go. It’s another piece that can be displayed in your home afterwards.


Source: Custom Calligraphy Globe

A signed wooden frame

Get a wooden frame that your guests can sign. After the wedding is over, you can put a wedding photo in the frame and hang it in your home to enjoy and remember that day for years.



Polaroids of your loved ones

Create a Polaroid station where each guest can take selfies the old fashion way and the Polaroids can be clipped onto a hanging ribbon. The station can also be double as reception decor. Each guest/couple can write a note to you on the back of their photo with wedding wishes for you.


Source: https://co.pinterest.com/pin/AYkCvnxnfwCxHsKOyLzjJUepY12my9f13Fc9mnm2LEMnEb0cckwYcBA/

We hope this gave you some inspiration to create something special and unique for your guestbook on your wedding day. We’d love to hear any other ideas that you have too!

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