Flower Arranging Tips for Beginners

You’re ready to create a DIY flower arrangement, but the how seems a bit daunting? Don’t worry, we’ve created an easy-to-follow formula for beautiful bouquets. There are three phases to creating an incredible flower arrangement: preparation, method and maintenance. Keep in mind, no phase is more important than the other; they’re all integral to the creation of your dream DIY arrangement. Now, let’s get to it…

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  1. Choose Colors You Love

Go wild with this one… or stay tame – you can’t go wrong! When it comes to flowers, whatever you love goes. That said, we do have a few great ways to approach choosing colors for your arrangement.

  • Cohesive: choose any number of flowers, all in the same color family (picture a multi-tonal spring bouquet, filled with many hues of pink).
  • Contrast: Which room will you display this arrangement in? If it’s decorated with dark furniture, choose light colored flowers. Let the bouquet stand out amongst its surroundings!
  • Colorful: Just feeling wild and free? Simply choose colors you love. This arrangement is your work of art. Don’t be afraid to be playful!
  1. Choose Your Flower Varieties

You can create an arrangement from any number of flowers, but we love a good variety! Whether you’ve chosen a monotone palette or a wildly vibrant color scheme, we suggest infusing texture and fun with non-floral elements. The simple addition of greenery can make a beautiful difference, and the surprise of berry stems or wispy grasses can easily take an arrangement from good to GREAT!

  1. Use The Spiral Method

Ever wondered how the pro flower arrangements seem to have such a lovely flow, as if they were just gathered up with ease and placed in a vase made just for them? The magic is in the spiral! First, strip the stems of leaves. Rule of thumb: any leaves that would be under water once in the vase, should go. Then, start with one flower in hand, add another stem on top (at an angle), twist the bundle slightly and repeat. For a visual, check out our video tutorial (tip: fast forward 30 seconds to jump straight to the spiral method).

  1. Cut Flowers for the Vase

Arrange first, then cut. After you’ve mastered the spiral method and have a lovely, multidimensional arrangement created, cut the stems to fit the vase. Rule of thumb: cut the flowers on the outside edge to be a little taller than the rim of the vase. Always cut at an angle, this allows for optimal water intake, which means longer lasting petals!

  1. Maintenance is Key

Don’t forget the key ingredient to a beautiful arrangement! Once you’ve created a floral work of art you’re proud to show off, be sure to execute proper maintenance. Here’s a basic routine to keep in mind: change the water and trim the stems (ideally once every three days), adding flower food when available and keeping your arrangement out of direct sunlight. For more tips on keeping your flowers fresher longer, check out our blog post on caring for fresh flowers here.

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