The Best Dinner Party Tips From Your Favorite Bloggers And Influencers

There’s actually a science to throwing the perfect dinner party when it comes to the menu, the decor and the guest list, so we asked our favorite influencers and bloggers around the web their secrets to a successful gathering. The general consensus is that it’s about tending to your guests and making them feel at home. What makes your dinner parties special probably depends on preferences but one general rule of thumb is making sure your guests aren’t parched, meaning bring on the drinks! Here are some quick tips that will make you the best dinner party hosts in town.

1. Try New Things.

Brittany from Wanderlust & Bee says: Although it’s probably not advisable to go too far into uncharted territory when hosting a crowd, I do love to try new recipe and cocktail ideas and share in the results (good or bad) with friends and family!


2. Offer A Drink Upon Arrival

Alicia M. Lund from Cheetah is the New Black says:

“When hosting parties I think setting a casual and relaxed mood is the most important part.  Offering a drink upon arrival and making guests feel right at home!”

3. Make sure you serve a really special dessert.


Pastry Chef Klancy Miller says the pastry chef in me says always have a really special dessert–even if you don’t make it yourself and even if it’s not a “traditional” dessert–it’s a nice way to make sure every aspect of the meal is a high point.

4. Prior to the dinner, ask your guests if they have any dietary restrictions.  

Celebrity Chef Vanessa Cantave says check with your guests before the party to find out if they have any special dietary restrictions.  Make sure to prepare a meal that works for your guests who may be pregnant, vegetarian, etc.  If you have a guest with a very restrictive diet, make sure to provide them with their own dish. All your guests will appreciate the extra effort!

5. Curate the guest list.

Heidi from The Ambitionista says:

¨Make sure all the guests would enjoy each other’s company yet come from different backgrounds to make it interesting. I also make sure to have lots of dessert options.¨

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6. Make sure the decor and the food are equal.

Artist Elizabeth Sutton from The Elizabeth Sutton Collection says the most important part to any dinner party is the overall vibe. Food and decor are of equal parts important for a formal dinner party. I’m a foodie and am all about good food, but if I’m going to spend all day in the kitchen cooking, the table better be beautiful as well. Everything needs to be just right. Picking a theme can always be nice for decor, be it based on the season, or pairing the decor nicely based on your menu. I use my glitter butterflies from my artwork. And paper flowers are always a great, recyclable idea.


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