DIY: Try This Easy Centerpiece Idea With Pink Flowers and A Goblet

Who says flower arrangements have to be limited to a vase?  Create a modern table arrangement for your next holiday feast (Easter or Passover) using that one accessory that could very well double as a candleholder. In this video, Enjoy Flowers’ Head Florist Hernando Salazar uses a few spring florals for the chicest silver goblet centerpiece. Arrangement accessories make creating table decor a hobby that will keep you going back to your local arts and crafts store. Don’t throw away your excess petals, we’ll show you a savvy way to use them for any surface.  Here are five steps to creating a romantic spring floral fling.

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Flower Used In this Arrangement:
  • Pink Fuscia Roses
  • Pink Snap Dragon
  • White Disbud
  • Spray Eucalyptus
Step 1: Layout Your Supplies And Remove Excess Leaves From The Stems

Whether you are creating several arrangements or one large bouquet, before you start spiraling, make sure to have all your materials close to your working area. Gather a twist tie, a pair of gardening snippers, a glass of water, flower powder food and a silver or gold small goblet with a matching clear glass jewelry box (you’ll see how we use this toward the end of the video). If you don’t have a glass box, find something ornamental that can hold petals. Remove all the leaves from each stem, since the majority of the stems will be cut short enough to fit close to the rim of the goblet.

Step 2: Add Water And Flower Food To The Your Chic Goblet

Pour 2-3 cups of water in your goblet. Sprinkle a full packet of flower food powder in and stir.

Step 3: Spiral the White Disbuds and Pink Fuscia Roses Together

Pick up each one of the white disbuds and spiral them together (turn them in your hand as you add stems) with the pink fuscia roses, these will be your focus point. Use about five stems of each type of flower.  

Step 4: Use the Pink Snapdragons and Eucalyptus As Garnish

Pick up a few stems of the snapdragons and Eucalyptus as garnish for your pink and white spring bouquet. Pick a side of the bouquet where your garnish will gather and sprout taller than the pink spray roses and white disbuds.

Step 5:  Trim Your Bouquet So That It Fits In The Goblet  

Most likely the goblet accessory you choose will be shallow and perhaps wide. Use a twist tie to hold the stems in place. Then cut the stems as short as possible so that your bouquet will fit perfectly in the goblet. You don’t want your flowers tipping out because the stems are too long. So use your gardening scissors to cut off about ¾ of each flower stem, depending on the depth of your goblet.

Step 6: Use the Extra Petals For Your Table Decor

Use a glass jewelry box or a vanity tray for your excess petals. Give your surface a hint of romance with those loose extra rose petals from Step 1. This will not only give your flower arrangement texture but it will surely be a conversation starter.  

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