6 Flowers to Brighten Your Home This Spring

Spring. It’s the time of year when nature shows us an amazing display of colors as flowers wake up and bloom all over the country. As we say goodbye to the cold winter and welcome new life, it’s a great time to do some spring cleaning and bring fresh colors into our homes. The best way to bring spring inside is to decorate with fresh flowers!

This spring season, the most trendy colors are:

  • Greenery (Pantone 2017) – bright green with a touch of yellow
  • Pink Yarrow – a tropical and festive fuchsia
  • Pale Dogwood – a very soft pink that expresses simplicity and sophistication
  • Island Paradise – a combination of blue mint and baby blue
  • Primrose Yellow – a spring yellow that is warm and full of light

An easy (and non-committal way to can bring these colors into your home is through flowers. Here are six flowers that will brighten our home this spring.



Elegant pop of color. Tulips come in very vivid colors and evoke simple elegance thanks to their stylized stems. Perfect for decorating sober spaces that need a touch of color.



The queen of flowers. They are the first to appear each spring and are perhaps the most popular and recognized flower in the world. They are extremely versatile, whether as an expression of love or friendship, as a decoration in your home, office or at an event.  Roses go well with everything!



Sophisticated decoration. This chic flower is ideal for lovers of minimalist decoration or those who want to add a subtle touch of beauty to an office setting. Keep orchids near a window or light source but out of direct sunlight.



A burst of sweetness. With a large flower and open petals, lilies look great in every corner of the house. Found in a variety of colors, lilies are often associated with innocence and friendship and make a great gift for spring.



Vintage beauty. This colorful flower has many petals which form an infinite number of layers. Ranunculos can be found in different sizes and the shape of their stems is very organic. They are ideal for decorating the table when serving dinner.



Abundant and regal. These flowers come in an infinite variety of colors and combinations. The wonderful thing about them is that each stem features up to 5 or 6 flowers. Every day that they bloom, their petals grow at a surprising rate and fill a space with bright color.

What are your favorite flowers for spring? Leave a comment below!


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