Why I’m Giving My Mom A Flower Subscription This Mother’s Day

How Does a Flower Subscription Gift Work? A step-by-step guide to giving a flower subscription that delights for months.

Mother’s Day is the one holiday everyone celebrates and because let’s face it: Mom’s are awesome. They tell you the truth and they will always care about you even if and when you feel like no one else does. So it’s no wonder retailers and just about any school and workplace will buzz about Mother’s Day before during and after this very special day in May. Since my mom has just about everything and I won’t see her on the actual day because we live far away, I decided to gift her an Enjoy Flowers bouquet because we both love fresh flowers and she doesn’t have time to pick out her favorite blooms on a weekly basis. Plus, she will think of me each time her Enjoy Flowers delivery arrives at her doorstep each month. Here’s how a flower subscription gift works in a step-by-step guide to how I made my mom’s day for several months even after Mother’s Day.

Step 1: Enjoy Flowers Basics

I logged onto http://www.enjoyflowers.com/gift to browse the Enjoy Flowers site and offerings based on my budget and intention of creating long lasting love. Enjoy Flowers is a subscription flower service that delivers fresh flowers to your doorstep once or twice a month. Your flowers will arrive to your doorstep 4 days after cutting them from the Colombian soil. Each bouquet is designed by a head florist and you can choose one of their collections:  the Farm Fresh (spectacular bouquets of fresh, seasonal flowers that are vase ready or DIY ready) or the Signature, that are made only with premium flowers, like roses or lilies. Since it’s mother’s day, I’m going with Enjoy Flowers’ Signature collection, which features white and pink fuscia roses, Snapdragons and Spray Eucalyptus.



Step 2:  Gifting Options

I browsed all the gifting options available on the site. There’s the gift card option, which sounds great, but my mom isn’t computer savvy and I doubt she’d activate it through email. And then there’s purchasing a subscription but gifting it. This seems like the better option because I would save up to 15 percent, don’t have to worry about renewing because it would already be prepaid. My mom would appreciate the simplicity in Pre-Paid Subscription, and the bouquet will even come right on time with a special mother’s day themed card!

Step 3:  Costing

Okay, now that I decided on the gifting method, all I need to do choose a bouquet that best fits my mom’s personality as well as choose how often I can send her flowers based on my budget. For the record, my budget is about $150, so the pre-paid subscription that comes close is the three month subscription, where my mom would receive a signature bouquet of Enjoy Flowers for three months.

Step 4:  Design and Delivery Options

I know my mom’s interior design taste all too well-  her drapes and carpet are classic hues of beige and gold with maroon accents in her pillows and surface decor. A mixed bouquet from Enjoy Flower’s signature collection  would be perfect! It’s Vase Ready, meaning the all the design and arrangement work is already done so all my mom needs to do is cut the stems to fit into a lovely vase. Each monthly bouquet is made from one or two different flowers premium varieties of everyone’s favorite  roses, hydrangeas, mini callas, lilies and alstroemerias.



Step 5: Checkout

Once I have decided on the delivery options and type of flowers my mom will receive for the next three months, I’m well on my way to officially becoming the world’s greatest daughter.  All I need to do is pay. On the payment page, I will use my paypal account, but make sure I assign the delivery to my mom’s home address. I make sure to type in the special mother’s day promo code “MDAY2017”  which will ensure that my gift subscription will arrive by Friday, May 12th in time for Mother’s Day!.




Step 6: Personal notes

I click the link in the second email, which takes me to a format where I can customize the message in a form. For the first bouquet delivery, I select the box that allows me to write my own personalized Mother’s Day note: Dear Mom, I love you so much and I can’t wait to see you in three months, so I hope these flowers will do for now! Enjoy these flowers everyday and see you soon. Love, ( your one and only daughter.)  Kisses!

Enjoy Flowers also offers twelve pre-made cards that I can choose from for my other two shipments.


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