How To Turn Your Mason Jar Vases Into Beautiful Arrangements

In this how-to Enjoy Flowers Head Florist Hernando Salazar gets creative with everyday kitchen essentials with four Pinterest-worthy mason jar vases. Don’t own any? Head to your local discount store.  In our past how – tos, we’ve shown how much a beautiful vase and full medley of pretty flowers can go a long way on your favorite home surfaces.  Four small bouquets are better than one. All you need is a few of your favorite flowers and several small mason jars to make the little things in your home brighten up the loneliness of corners. In honor of the month of love and Valentine’s day, here’s how to create small arrangements for all of the corners of your life that matters.

Flowers Used In This Video:
  • Hot Pink Roses
  • White Alstroemerias
  • Gypsophila aka “Baby’s Breath”
Step 1: Remove the petals off of each stem

It is important to remove all the petals from each stem since we will be creating small arrangements for shorter makeshift vases with your mason jar mugs. Take your time and delicately pick of each petal from the hot pink roses and white alstroemerias.

Step 2: Prepare your Vases

Fill each mason Jar halfway with water. Add in your flower food or go without (your choice!).  Pro tip: We recommend using flower food in living spaces with less sunlight. If you don’t have mason jars, they are easy buys at your local discount store and you will seriously have a dilemma when choosing to use them for your next bouquet or your next makeup brush holder.

Step 3: Spiral the white Alstroemerias and the Hot Pink Roses

After your vases are prepared, spiral together the several white alstroemerias, followed by a few hot pink roses. The spiral technique in floral design is as simple as placing one flower stem next to the other and rotating the hand holding the growing bouquet.

Step 4: Fasten your bouquet together with a twist tie and Repeat Step 3

Seal your first small bouquet together with a plastic twist tie, rubber band, or hair tie if you can’t find anything. Repeat step 3 again to make three more small arrangements. Remember, these bouquets are meant to be small so that they fit in your mason jars. Use 5-8 stems per bouquet.

Step 5: Cut the stems and add some baby’s breath as garnish

Cut off half of the stems from each bouquet. You can measure one out first, then use it as a guide for the rest of the bouquets since each vase height is exactly the same. Add in some baby’s breath to create volume and enjoy!

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