6 Realistic Bits of Relationship Advice For Long Lasting Love

The beauty about being in a relationship with someone you truly adore is that bond is unique and special.  There are no set rules when love is a commonality.  In A Longer ‘I Love You video, several couples are interviewed about the details of their relationship  and each couple highlights one realistic bit of advice that keeps them glued together and wanting more each day.  From a couple who has spent eight years together, to a couple who is on their forty-seventh year and still going strong, their advice and insight on the definition of partnership are genuine and real. Here’s what these couples say about maintaining their long lasting love. (By the way, if you’d like to say I love you longer, consider getting your special someone three months of flowers.)

  1. You should be friends. “Friendship at first site,” proclaims one couple who has been in a relationship for over forty years. A very strong ‘like’ at first sight is an ingredient for long lasting friendship.
  2. Always be kind and patient.
  3. Be supportive.
  4. Tend to the relationship. Stay in tuned with each other and always find your way back to your partner’s life happenings no matter how separate your lives may become as both of you get busy and inundated with the week’s flow.
  5. Good communications and good understanding will go along way. A couple who has been in a relationship for seven stands by good communications, especially since they come from different cultures where the language could be barrier.
  6. Consider each other before yourself. When you are starting out, you should be mindful of someone else.

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