Why I Don’t Use Fake Flowers

These days, fake flowers can look remarkably realistic and make you wonder if you should ditch your fresh bouquets. Though seemingly convenient, fake flowers make you miss out on a lot of the joys that fresh flowers bring into your life. There are numerous reasons why I prefer fresh flowers including their fragrance, their seasonal appeal, the creativity they inspire, the fact that there are budget-friendly options and because they just make me happy!

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Fresh Flowers Smell Great – Have you ever walked under a canopy of jasmine blossoms and been transported by their enticing scent? Fresh flowers make your space smell amazing! Transform your dinner table with the aromatherapy of a fresh bouquet, your nose will thank you.

Real Blooms Highlight the Seasons – Fresh flowers change with the seasons and feature colors that fit your home decor as it adjusts throughout the year. Think about it, you wouldn’t want to have carnations displayed in the summer and tulips would certainly look strange in the winter. Part of the joy of fresh flowers is that they match the tone of the season and put you in touch with nature’s rhythms.


Fresh Flowers Are Fun to Arrange – When you purchase fake flowers, you lose out on the joy of arranging the stems in a creative way, experimenting with different vases and creating beautiful bouquets yourself.

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Fresh Flowers Are Affordable – Good artificial flowers (often crafted out of silk) can be more expensive than fresh flowers. So unless you’re allergic to real flowers, stick with in-season blooms.

Real Flowers Improve My Mood – Fresh flowers have been proven by science to improve your mood and even give you a boost of energy if you look at them first thing in the morning. Learn more about 6 Ways That Flowers Make Your Happier.

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