Farm to Doorstep with Enjoy Flowers

Why do our flowers last longer than regular supermarket bouquets?

We’re excited to share this behind the scenes peek at how we get our blooms from our farms to your doorstep in just four days. Our farm is located nearby Bogota, Colombia. It was founded 45 years ago and we now cultivate more than 40 different flower varieties to bring to you beautiful arrangements every week.

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Day 1: Cutting the Flowers at our Farm


The first step in the process is cutting the flowers. Our team members only select the brightest and freshest varieties for your bouquet.

Day 2: Arranging and Shipping the Flowers


On day two, we start by arranging your blooms. Each of our operators arranges your flowers following exclusive design combinations made by our Head Florist Hernando Salazar. We make sure to mix the right colors and varieties for long-lasting freshness and a chic elegant style.

Our operators then safely pack your flowers for their journey. From here we take them right to our delivery partner who’ll fly from Bogota to the USA that night, getting them to your home on Thursday. Bon voyage!

Day 3: Flowers In Transit

On day three, the flowers are on their way to your doorstep and they’re kept fresh and hydrated with our careful packaging and a special moisture mixture.

Day 4: Flowers Arrive at Your Door


Hooray! The flowers have completed their journey and are ready for you to enjoy them. Unpack the box and follow the care instructions to keep your flowers fresh. Then place them in your favorite vase and enjoy how they brighten any space.

Before-vs-after flowers

Get your very own fresh bouquet delivered to your door. Subscribe to Enjoy Flowers today


Farm to Doorstep with Enjoy Flowers

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