The 10 Prettiest Flowers that Bloom in the Fall

When the season’s change, one of the primary signs of new weather is how nature shows its true colors.  Autumn and overall cooler temperatures bring about the prettiest flowers that bloom in the Fall.  It’s very much about orange, daisies, poinsettias, and extra accessories like mini pumpkin centerpieces to make your floral arrangement mesmerizing. When it comes to fall, these 10 go-to flowers will make this traditional holiday season special.

This flower is by far the most beautiful flower known to commercial bouquets often found in your neighborhood grocery store. Chrysanthemums, or better known as “mums,” are pollinated in the prettiest orange, yellow and maroon colors. As a fertilized plant to table flower, mums take on a neutral fresh garden scent, and require medium sunlight. They are native to China, grow in cherub-like formation, carrying along thick green stem – which make them ideal for fresh cut flowers.

Purple pansies are a great low budget option to plant in an outdoor flower pot. Pansies bloom in just about any mild to hot temperature, as their ancestors were wild flowers, like viola hybrids. Pansy aren’t really as flagrant as a lily, but will sustain in cold temperatures.

Russian Sage:
A bouquet of russian sage in a glass modern vase will surely be a statement piece on any mantle piece. Russian sage has it all- smell, sweet tasting, beauty and longevity. Their clean smell will gravitate to any part of the room or they may even taste minty mixed into a true garden salad. Over all these florals do well in a dry environments and they don’t require a complex watering schedule.

Sedums are “Autumn’s Delight” as their bright pink skin and thick green stems make them pretty to look at even if there’s only a few strands in a fall themed bouquet arrangement. They also require low maintenance care and are great for cutting a bunch off its vines for a quick bouquet situated on a work table or desk.

There’s a common trend with flowers that bloom in the fall and it’s related to large quantities of bright flowers fertilizing in a field of possibilities. According to plant lovers, they are the fastest growing shrub of them all.  Plus they grow tall and beautiful which is great for making a statement arrangement for doorways and large corners of a home. Queue the large brass planters! In general, BeautyBerrys are leafy bushes with bushels of purple enlarged seeds in their natural formation. The berries are edible but are not popular amongst birds and other small critters.  So in the fall, a BeautyBerry shrub turns bright yellow as a sign that it’s on its last vine of life. So dramatic!

Colchicum or commonly called “the naked lady,” because the stems grow so high from the ground before revealing their  full bloom violet petals. They are native to Britain and Ireland, which are climates  hubs for dreary temperature which makes it a definite yes in low maintenance household things to-do!  It’s also poisonous due to it’s colchicine properties from pharmacal research. Yet they smell exactly like a water lily,

Miscanthus Grass:
Miscanthus Grass has become a staple in the modern floral design world when it comes to minimalism. Not only does it smell crisp and summery, it’s the perfect garnish for open floor spaces in your home. It’s known as the japanese silver grass because when light reflects from its featured long stems, it looks like morning light.

Aconitum, commonly called monkshood or wolfsbane, is super beautiful as it grows in bright purplish blue hues or white petals.  It’s mythological name is said to “repel werewolves” and hunters would use the juice from its vines on the tips of arrows when hunting enemies. While it’s easy to plant in your “witch garden,” wolfsbane can be found growing in mountain meadows. Although it is highly advisable to not ingest or eat wolfsbane, it doesn’t offer a fragrant smell at all.

Black Magic Roses:
Black magic roses are above all the most romantic plant to adorn your fall hallways. Traditional roses are bright red, but this species is a dark maroon, velvety texture that will be sure to make any company fall in love with your arrangement. They are also voluptuous when they are in full bloom.

Poinsettias are the ultimate holiday plant that can bloom and stay fully alive year round. They typically enjoy proper lighting, plenty of watering and pruning in efforts to maintain their beautiful features. Often times, poinsettias are home to medium clay pots with proper drainage at the bottom accompanied with a saucer. Although they do not smell, they are super toxic to cats and dogs, but allergy -free for humans.

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