Everything You Need to Know About Making Your Own Wedding Flowers

When it comes to creating a dream wedding, many brides are willing to get hands-on. If you’re considering DIY flowers, we’ve got you covered! Making your own wedding flowers can help stretch the budget, but you want to be sure you’re prepared for the task. From designing centerpieces, to crafting bouquets, we’ve gathered the top tips just for you!

Note: As you’ll see, your success at making your own wedding flowers is almost entirely determined in the planning phase…

Think Seasonal

Step one is determining what blooms will be in season. Take note of which flowers will be easiest, and most affordable, to purchase.


Consider Your Clothing

The pros know which flowers are likely to shed their color on your lovely white dress – and it’s something you’ll need to keep in mind as well! Do your research regarding pollen, berries and even some deeply pigmented petals to avoid a wedding day dress disaster!


Consider Longevity

This is not the time to get risky, choose hardy flowers. If you choose wisely, you may be able to create some arrangements a day early (keeping them cool overnight) to free up time the day of. Keep everything in water until it’s absolutely essential to remove it. Blooms fade quickly once they’re exposed to the air.

Go Simple

When you’re not a pro, it’s important to keep in mind your ability. Choose simpler designs that you can master rather than having your heart set on elaborate creations that will eat up your time and energy. Loose arrangements are often the easiest to execute, so consider a softer look throughout your wedding.

Shop Early

Visit a flower market early, ask all the questions you can imagine. Be sure to find out what’s in season for your wedding, what they suggest to pair for beautiful, easy-to-arrange pieces, and how much it will cost.

Buy in Bulk

Choose a type of flower, or two, to buy in bulk. Not only can this create consistency throughout your design, but it can save you money and time! If you’re going for a green-look, this can also be the item you buy in bulk.

Mix it Up

Don’t be afraid to mix flower varieties. Use multiple sized blooms, incorporate natural elements and don’t forget how useful greenery can be!

Keep it Consistent

Be sure to share a few flowers with your wedding cake decorator. Having blooms or petals that match the decor really ties the cake in and creates a beautiful, cohesive design!


Add Little Touches

It’s easy to add charm with a single bloom in a small vase accompanied by a few pieces of greenery or natural elements. If you have space to fill, consider little solutions like this, or even touches of greenery such as eucalyptus and fairy fern!

Take a Class

Sign up for a flower arranging class and take some tips from the pros! Big bonus: even though this will be practice for the big day, it’ll also be fun! A little hands-on challenge amidst wedding planning can be good for the soul.

Time Yourself

Enlist a few friends (trustworthy, creative ones, ideally) and have an evening of wedding flower practice. Craft the designs you love and time how long each feature takes. Then, the week of the wedding you’ll know exactly how much time to set aside for flowers.

Prep Your Flowers

As soon as you get your blooms home it’s time to prep. Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle so that while they’re waiting to be turned into the magical arrangements that will adorn your wedding, they’ll be drinking up the fresh, cool water you’ve placed them in.

Use Every Element

Extra flowers or petals left over after you’ve crafted the arrangements? Cut these into flower confetti for the grand entrance or exit!

Use it Twice

Bridesmaids bouquets can double as beautiful centerpieces. Have a few vases at the reception ready and waiting and have your girls drop their bouquets off after the bridal party entrance.

Have Tools On-Hand

Be prepared for the day of design and crafting process. Have a large space set up, ready to go with all the necessary tools. You’ll likely need: floral sheers (a few pairs, if you have your BFFs helping you out), a thorn stripper (if you have roses), clear elastic hair ties, twine or ribbon to wrap, wire, pins, floral foam and tape. Bonus: bring a hand broom… you’ll thank us later!


Know When to Craft

Centerpieces can be created a day in advance and kept cold for the wedding day. Bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages however, need to be made the day of.

Plan for Transportation

If you’re able to access your venue the night before you’re a lucky duck and you should consider arranging all floral pieces at the spot they’ll be enjoyed. If, however, you are amongst the many who will not have early access – plan ahead for transportation. Have a friend with a minivan? That’ll work perfectly for wedding-day floral delivery.


Give Yourself Time

Plan for a little extra time, and a little extra day-of help. Wedding days seem to go by too quickly, and you’ll need time for yourself. Even if you’ll want to check in on them and lend a hand, enlist willing friends, aunts or cousins to help execute your flower dreams so you can enjoy the morning!

Well there it is, everything you need to know about making your own wedding flowers! Now that you’re in the loop on the tips and tricks, you’re ready to go. Remember, as with most things in life, the key to successful DIY wedding flowers is in planning ahead. Wishing you Happy DIYing!

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