3 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Venue

You’re tying the knot and couldn’t be more excited… until the planning gets halted as quickly as it began. It’s difficult to know where to compromise on your wedding day dreams so we’ve gathered 3 easy ways to save money on your venue that will help you out!


1. Go Ahead, Skip Saturdays

Friday and Sunday weddings are the best ways to host your big day at the venue of your dreams without having to blow the budget! Plus, they’re perfectly acceptable these days, so the way has been paved. You don’t have to be a rebel to host a non-Saturday soiree anymore.


2. Opt for an Off-Season Event

Optimize your venue budget by choosing an off-season “sweet spot”. Plan ahead and grab a deal by choosing a weekend just outside peak season (think the first or last weekend of off-season).  Bonus: Not only will you save on the venue, but you’re likely to experience saving with your vendors during off-season as well!


3. Host Your Ceremony & Reception in the Same Spot

Eliminate unnecessary fees by choosing just one venue. Your guests will love it and you’ll save on additional venue fees, transportation fees and even be able to cut back on the amount of decor and flowers you’ll need!




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