DIY: How To Create A Very Rosy Bouquet

Roses are the official flower mascot for celebrating Valentine’s Day and in this floral DIY video, Enjoy Flowers Head Florist Hernando Salazar creates a beautiful arrangement using a medley of red and pink roses. As we ease into the season of love, embrace it even more with the flowers that bring out your inner smooth operator.  How much do I love you? Count the petals in this bouquet.  Here are five steps to arranging a chic bouquet for any surface that you and your loved one will enjoy all month long.

Flowers Used In This Video:
  • Red Spray Roses
  • Pink Roses
  • Pink Lilies
  • Red Roses
  • Bicolor Roses
Step 1: Remove The Leaves And Wilted Petals From Each Stem

Like in most of our DIY videos, removing the leaves as well as gently snipping off any wilted petals from each flower stem is important when it comes to creating the perfect arrangement. Carefully pick off each leaf from the thorny rose stems. Some petals may become wilted or may tear in transit from the farm to table, therefore it may be necessary to delicately remove any wilted petals from each rose bud that detract from the its true beauty.

Step 2: Organize Your Flowers Into Separate Piles And Gather Your Materials

Organize each type of flower into their own separate pile so your green thumb has easy access to whatever creations in store. Gather the materials needed for this DIY before spiraling your flowers into a bouquet. Make sure to have a good pair of garden scissors that are sharp enough to snip off the excess stems. Decide on the vase you want. In this video, our Head Florist opts for a slender, medium height glass vase so that the flowers are the main focus.

Step 3: Spiral The Bi Color Roses Together With The Red and Spray Roses

Now that the basics are covered, it’s time to start designing. Spiral the bi color roses together. Keep your hands relax and trust your creative intuitions. For a proper spiral technique, use your writing hand to pick up each bi color rose and arrange each stem into your free hand. Relax and hold your free hand open to receive the love your right hand is offering. Once all the bi color roses are arranged, add the entire pile of red roses.  As you add more stems, rotate the burgeoning bouquet in your hand periodically and make sure all the tops of the buds are at the same height for an even bouquet.

Step 4: Finish With The Pink Roses And Secure Your Arrangement

At this step, your bouquet should be full and almost ready to be united with your vase of choice. Spiral in a few stems of pink roses to give it that sweet touch of femme elegante. These flowers will look super chic next to the medley of red roses. With a full hand of flowers spiraled cohesively together, grab a plastic twist tie with your free hand to secure your beautiful arrangement in place.

Step 5: Unite Your New Creation With A Vase And Finish With A Lily

Take your garden scissors and snip off the extra stems not needed to submerge your bouquet in water. Don’t forget to add the flower food powder to the water before placing your masterpiece in its new home. Finish off with a blooming lily and enjoy!

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