DIY: A Simple Elegant Flower Arrangement with a long stemmed flowers and a vase.

In this elegant DIY, Head Enjoy Flowers Florist Hernando Salazar creates a simple arrangement to fit into a tall cylinder vase. This pinterest-worthy arrangement idea is an easy way to decorate any bare living space. Get this look by using a few fresh long -stemmed wild flowers and trendy tall vase.

Flowers In This Arrangement
  • Purple Disbuds
  • White Roses
  • Pink Disbuds
  • White Disbuds
  • Purple Pompoms
  • White and Purple Alstroemerias
  • Cherry Stock
Step 1: Remove the leaves

Hernando removes the leaves of the white and purple alstroemerias by quickly sliding his fingertips down the stems. Start from the top of the stem and ease your way down. Place the bunch to the side in its own separate pile. Repeat the same action using the pink and white disbuds. Next, pick up the cherry stocks, purple pompoms and white roses. Gently pick off the few leaves on each stem. Be careful not to remove the entire flower bud as this is the main focus of your tall vase arrangement.

Step 2: Gather Your Materials

Make sure you have your flower food, twist tie, pitcher of water, garden scissors and tall statement vase before arranging your bouquet. It’s easier when all the materials you will need to create the perfect arrangement are easily accessible.

Step 3: Spiral the white and pink alstroemerias together with the Roses

Begin your arrangement with the white and pink alstroemerias; start with one then gradually add all of them to the bunch in your hand one by one, making sure the stems form a criss cross. Rotate the bouquet in your hand as you add flowers to keep it even. Once you’re out of alstroemerias add white roses to the right side of the bouquet. This combination alone will instantly bring out the best of your arrangement.

Step 4: Add the Disbuds and Cherry Stocks

Layer in a row of purple disbuds next to the white roses and then layer in a row of white disbuds so that the disbuds are right next to each other. You should end up with what looks like white and purple stripes in your bouquet. Add a stem of cherry stock on the other side of the arrangement. Pro Tip: Apply the pattern of the spiral technique to the stems only and use the motion in your fingertips.

Step 5: Lastly, Add The Pink Pompoms and Seal In Your Creation

Lastly, add the pink pompoms to your arrangement. Touch up your bouquet as needed, including arranging the flower buds to be all at equal bloom height. Use your twist tie to hold your creation exactly to your liking.

Step 6: Prepare Your Vase-Ready Water Mixture and Stems

Gently set your arrangement to the side to prepare your vase – ready water mixture and stems. Pour a few cups of water into your tall statement vase. Make sure your vase is clean so no extra residue is floating around in the water. Cut open the flower food packet with scissors and dump in the powder. No need to stir your water mixture, the cloudiest of the solution is more than enough. Pick up your bouquet and cut off no more than a few inches of stem since this bouquet is for tall vase. Add a few stems on to the circumference of the arrangement for necessary volume (upon your design sensibilities, of course) and enjoy!

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