DIY: A Pink Flower Arrangement Idea That’s Perfect for Summer

In this floral arrangement tutorial, our Head Florist Hernando Salazar combines fresh pink flowers with a touch of white to create three mini bouquets that are perfect for summer decorating. The bouquets feature pink sinensis, pink spray roses, pink pompons and white disbuds arranged in three small vases that can be placed together for a vibrant centerpiece or spread throughout your space.

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Flowers Used In This Video:
  • Pink Sinensis
  • Pink Spray Roses
  • Pink Pompons
  • White Disbuds




Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Working with your monthly delivery from Enjoy Flowers, make sure you start by gathering all your materials. You’ll need: three plastic twist ties, a sharp pair of scissors, three small vases (green is a great color to offset the pink flowers), and of course a packet of flower food powder.

Step 2: Remove The Bottom Leaves From Each Stem

It’s important to remove all the bottom leaves from each stem to prolong the freshness of your bouquets. Any leaves that get submerged in the vase water can contribute to bacterial growth and decrease the shelf life of your flowers.

Step 3: Prepare Your Vases With Water

Pour water into your vases and add flower food powder to each vase. If you don’t have a packet of flower food powder, you can use an alternative to keep bacteria out of the water. Try a few splashes of apple cider vinegar or a mixture of bleach, sugar and lemon.

Arrange the Flowers Into A Vase

Step 4: Spiral the Pink Spray Roses, White Disbuds and Pink Pompons Together

Start with your pink spray roses and add white disbuds and pink pompons. For a proper spiral technique, use your writing hand to pick up each flower and arrange each stem into your free hand. Relax and hold your free hand open to add more flowers.

Step 5: Add the Pink Sinensis to the Arrangement

Add the pink sinensis to one side of the bouquet. Then tie a twist tie around the base of the bouquet.


Step 6: Cut the Stems to Fit Your Vases

Now you’re ready to cut the bottom of the stems so that the flowers will fit perfectly in your vases. Remember, it’s easier to cut more of the stem off later so if you’re not sure, start with a longer length and reduce from there.  

Step 7: Repeat and Enjoy

Repeat these steps for the other two bouquets and you’ll have three pretty pink bouquets to display in your home, office or for summer gatherings!



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