5 Quick and Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home

Simple updates can make your home feel fresh for the summer. We asked interior designer Joe Human for some quick and easy ways to spruce up your home.

Spruce Up Your Home With Flowers


FLOWERS:  We love using flowers like pillows in homes because as the season changes you can change them out easily and for little money and also updating the vase can change the whole look of a room.  

Pillows are an Affordable Way to Decorate

enjoy-flowersPILLOWS:  We love to recommend to our clients is updating pillows, whether a living space or a bedroom pillows can can change the entire room.  Try using them in different scales, sizes and textures to create a layered and interesting look.

Switch up Your Lighting with Lamps


LIGHTING:  Often overlooked but it can be a great way to add detail and texture into the space and also be functional.  A properly lit space will also have the right feel and be more cozy and homey.  Try updating simple table lamps and they don’t always have to match, just coordinate.

Add Height and Brightness With Window Treatments


DRAPERY and BLINDS:  Windows always need the proper window treatments.  Drapery will allow the space to feel taller, always go to the floor and above the window and depending upon the space take it full bright to the ceiling.  Don’t be afraid to go bold on the drapes with color and pattern.  Most ceilings and windows are not standard so consider spending a little extra on custom drapery.

Use a Few Budget Friendly Accessories


ACCESSORIZE:  Carefully select a few favorite pieces as accents and place them, use your favorite books and stack them artfully to create decorative vignettes throughout your home.  Not every inch has to be perfectly styled but having one or two areas (bar or desk or entry console for example) can really help pull all your other spaces together.

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