3 Tips for Bringing Spring Decor into Every Room

Are you ready to bring spring into every room in the house? The Enjoy Flowers team has unanimously voted YES! So, we’ve rounded up our favorite ways to bring the bright cheer of spring inside. Whether you’re trying to keep it simple (aka “no DIYs please”), or you’re ready for a bigger seasonal statement (get your paint ready), we’ve got you covered. Make sure to tag us on Instagram when you share your spring decor additions!

Split Your Bouquets

Take your bouquet and split it into mini arrangements! You can mix the look up even further by choosing small bud vases, pretty drinking glasses or tea cups to hold your beautiful blooms. Spread the love and brighten the whole house with just one bouquet. (If you just can’t part with your monthly Enjoy Flowers arrangement, you can change your deliveries to twice monthly… that way you have blooms for every room!)

Toss Old Rugs

You don’t notice them, you walk all over them, they blend right in… It’s time to toss those old rugs! Just like the cold season, those old things have been hanging around a bit too long. It’s simple to bring a pop of spring into any room with a fresh, colorful rug! Watch this tiny texture tip brighten any room you try it in!

Paint It (spoiler alert: not the wall)

Painting an entire room, or even an accent wall, can be quite a commitment. That’s why we’re opting for a pop of color with painted furniture this season! Have a plane side table, tv console or dresser? Choose a color and pick a sunny day, and paint away! Your home will thank you for a fresh look!

Bonus: If you’re really commitment (or DIY) averse, pick up a few colorful photo frames & sprinkle them throughout the house. Fresh photos + colorful frames make for great conversation pieces when you have guests!

Remember our DIY packages are a great idea when it comes to that Spring Decor into Every Room!

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