Fun Wedding Party Gifts

Your wedding party is a huge part of your special day. They help with the planning, your bachelor/bachelorette parties, showers, etc. It can be a very time consuming and expensive to stand up in a wedding so it’s important to thank those people for their support and excitement throughout your entire wedding planning process.

Today we’re going to share some gift ideas that your wedding party will absolutely love.

Gift ideas for your wedding party:

Jewelry/Accessories to wear day-of — A lot of times you’ll want your wedding party to wear matching jewelry or accessories like cufflinks for your wedding day. Buying these for them to wear is one less thing they have to buy, plus they are items that your friends will get use out of for years to come.

Handwritten thank you card — We live in the day and age of everything being electronic. A handwritten note goes a long way. Write a note to each member of your wedding letting them know how much you appreciate them and what your relationship with them means.

A special drink — Sometimes there are a few hours between the ceremony and reception. This is the perfect time to have a couple drinks and celebrate your marriage with those people that you’re closest to. Grab their favorite drinks to have on hand for the celebrations. It’s a special touch that will make them feel thought about.

A fun activity — When you’re getting ready for your big day, doing an activity with your wedding party can be a great gift. Maybe that includes manicure and pedicures for the women or a round of golf for the men.

Whatever you choose to do for your wedding party, be sure to let them know how important they are to you and have fun celebrating with them on your special day!