Whose Flowers Last Longer? Supermarket vs Online Flower Delivery

We’re so sure that our flowers last longer than supermarket flowers that we asked lifestyle blogger Ashley from At Home With Ashley to compare our flowers to grocery store flowers. Here are the results.

I’m a flower lover. I think they are the perfect luxury- they aren’t too expensive, and when you have them, your home feels prettier, more inviting, and looked after and loved. Pretty much, I always have fresh flowers in my house.


There’s all sorts of ways to buy your flowers- grocery store, from a flower shop, or you can buy a flower subscription service from a company like Enjoy Flowers. But is there a quality difference? I decided to buy a bouquet of similar flowers from both the grocery store and through an online delivery service (I used Enjoy Flowers) and did what I call- the Grocery Store Flower Experiment!


I took pictures of each bouquet every day at the same time to see how they compared. The mail ordered flowers are on the left (the pink ones) and the grocery store blooms are on the right (the yellow ones).



You guys, the grocery store bouquet died SO fast- it was pretty sad! The flowers were all mostly the same in both bouquets and they looked beautiful to start, but the blooms from the supermarket were dead in less than a week!


Here’s the thing I figure, there’s no way to tell how old grocery store flowers are. I’ve heard that most grocery store bouquets are cut 1-2 weeks before ending up at the store. Sure, you can kind of tell the older ones from the newer ones, but you will never know just how long its been since they’ve been cut. So you might get lucky and get fresh flowers, and you might accidentally get old flowers that look awful in days.

I looked on the Enjoy Flowers website and they get their fresh flowers to you 4 days after they were cut! And honestly, the difference in quality was amazing! While the grocery store flowers were fading, the ones I got in the flower subscription service were blooming. Everyday, a new lily was opening! They looked fresh and happy while the grocery store ones quickly died.


The other benefit about getting your flowers delivered is that you don’t have to leave your house! You all know that I’d rather spend time with my family then running errands, so this is a huge benefit to me :).


There will be a price difference with mail/subscription service vs. grocery store. The bouquet I picked up at the market was $9.99 and the Enjoy Flowers are around $40 depending on the frequency you order them (they are a subscription service so you can choose how often you get delivery). While getting them directly from farms is more expensive, the bouquet was at least twice as big and has lasted 3-4 times as long. So it really is an amazing value!

If you’d like to try out Enjoy Flowers, they’ve been nice enough to offer a 10% off discount code- just use ASHLEY10 at checkout! This applies to all products on their site!

Side tip, if you get lilies and they bloom, make sure to pull off the stamens (the fuzzy orange/brown parts). If the stamens get on your clothes or upholstery they will stain.


So there you have it, my great grocery store flower experiment! To me, the biggest thing I learned is that not knowing how old your flowers are is a liability. You might luck out, and you might not you just don’t know! Question- have you tried ordering flowers in the mail? Where do you usually get your blooms?

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