How to Have the Perfect Staycation

Wishing for a break but don’t want to encounter the hassle of packing, flights and jetlag? Try a staycation! There are times when staying home is honestly more relaxing and fun than going on a trip. Think about it, in your daily life you’re often running to work, keeping up with social activities, laundry and other obligations and you can forget to slow down and appreciate your home and the town where you live.

Give yourself the treat of a few days or a week to rejuvenate at home, explore your hometown with fresh eyes and enjoy the little things in life. Here’s a guide to planning the perfect staycation:

Try Something New

Get out of your normal routine and do something out of the ordinary. Does your town have a museum or art gallery you’ve always wanted to check out? Perhaps there’s a park or nature area you’d like to explore. Or simply take a slow walk down your street and take the time to observe it as if you were visiting for the first time. You’ll be surprised by what you see!


Take a Break From Screens

Give your mind and eyes a must-deserved break from your phone and computer screens. This assures that you won’t get sucked into work emails or get lost on Facebook. Choose activities that make you happy: read a book, write in your journal, practice a hobby, do a small art project, garden or go on a bike ride.

Pamper Yourself

This is a great time for self care practices like taking a long, luxurious bath, lounging on your couch with a facemask on and an herbal tea in your hand or booking a massage. Treat yourself, you deserve it!


Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary

Make your bedroom feel extra special by adding a bouquet of fresh flowers, they’re proven to improve your mood when you look at them each morning! You can also light a fragrant new candle, burn incense or spritz your pillows and sheets with an essential oil (lavender is a great for relaxation).

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Eat Well

One of the joys of a vacation is eating long meals and trying new foods. Take yourself out to a restaurant in your area that you haven’t tried before or order takeout if you want to stay at home. This is also a great opportunity to try a new recipe from a favorite cookbook. Either way, make sure you’re eating nourishing and fun meals!


Take Photos

A great way to make this time feel special is to document it. Snap a few photos of your staycation adventure with your phone and share on Instagram. Or capture some images just for you with a film or polaroid camera. You will be glad to relive these moments later!


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