How to Create a Lush Summer Flower Arrangement

There are a few things you should know about arranging flowers in your favorite vase you bought abroad at a Italian antique shop.  One is, make sure the flowers fit together by creating a color scheme that is cohesive and flows with your mood. Arrangements are like an outfit and work a lot like matching your clothes. When you’re a toddler, you go for the same color pants and shirt. Then as you get older, you start to develop a sense of style that allows you to match different colors,  textures and patterns. There inherent traits can be applied to plants and creating arrangements. You start arranging your favorite flowers by the color and eventually you will graduate to a more advance level of floral design, like getting inspired to create a “dramatic” or “dinner party” arrangement.

In this post, you will learn how to arrange several different flowers so that they all fit in the same vase in perfect unison. All you need is 5 different types of flowers, a pair of sharp garden scissors, a twist tie and a large vase. If you’re an Enjoy Flowers subscriber, you’ll have these five flowers in your most recent delivery.

Step 1: Pick all the extra petals off your flowers from the water line down. You can remove all the petals if you are placing your bouquet in a taller than normal vase. This helps avoid bacteria and bad odor in the water.


Step 2: Start with the the biggest flowers; in this case, they would be the white roses. Roses are known to get bigger when they bloom so it’s ideal that they are positioned in the center of the bouquet with a few supporting flowers surrounded them.  Keep your lighter flowers separated with your color flowers.


Step 3: Use the spiral technique (rotating the flowers in your hand as you add to the bouquet) to add the  garnish with green Balls. Then take your yellow pinoquios and position them on the same side as your green balls. Follow up with you white daisies on the same side as your white roses.  Your white flowers should be all on the same side.


Step 4: Hold you arrangement in place with a twist tie and trim the stems down to one length so that they all look like one perfectly “manicured” bouquet.


Step 5: Place the finished bouquet in your vase. Finish your arrangement by adding a few yellow lilies on the color side of your arrangement for added depth and femininity.


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